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Adams Sign Maintenance and Repair


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Business signs are important marketing investments for any business, so they must be constantly maintained to work as intended.

Some of these signs may be exposed to elements that may damage or make the material fade. Others may have components that may cause a short-circuit due to constant use. If left damaged, these signs might create a negative image of your company, driving people away from your business.

Give your signs a fresh breath of life with the help of our talented Adams sign maintenance and repair team at Tennessee Sign Company. Our team will be able to determine the repairs necessary to match the damage of the signs and get to work immediately to get your signs looking brand new once more. We offer one of the cheapest rates in the city, and we make sure that we are always ready to assist with your sign troubles.

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Factors to Consider During Sign Repair and Maintenance

When our Adams sign maintenance and repair team visits your location and checks your signs, we will look at several factors to determine the right type of repair or maintenance work that will be done for it.

These factors include lighting, electrical work, and signage material, and here’s why our team will look into these factors while sorting your sign repair and maintenance request:


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For lighted outdoor and indoor signs, it is important that the lights are always working because they will help people see the signs even from a distance. If left unattended, these faulty lighting can become a safety hazard that may become costly for your business. Our sign repair specialists will look into the state of the lighting fixture and get it back to working condition.

Signage Material

Signs are made using a wide variety of materials, which may include paint and plastic. These materials can fade through time, especially if they are exposed to the elements, and may get damaged due to accidents or vandalism. Even if the damage isn’t major, it may affect the image of your brand, and you will be considered an unprofessional company.

If your sign is damaged, our repair specialists may replace these materials or remove them completely depending on the amount of damage. They will also do the appropriate repairs to match the material used for the signs to make them more efficient.

Electrical Work

Some signs may have electrical components in order for them to light up or show animations. In order to make sure they are working as intended, regular troubleshooting is a must. Whether the bulb doesn’t work or there are grounded areas, our team can check the cause and resolve it to prevent further mishaps.

Got other problems with your signs? Our Adams sign maintenance and repair team at Tennessee Sign Company can customize our services to match the problem and get it done on time.

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Adams Sign Maintenance and Repair logo 300x118If you want people to have a good impression of your business, you need to ensure that your signs are always working and spotless.

Our Adams, TN sign company will help you maintain all your business signs and get them repaired if needed. Whenever you need our top-notch services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and we will provide you with professional services at an affordable price.

Call Tennessee Sign Company at (615) 205-6968 for your Free Consultation with a Adams Sign Maintenance and Repair expert!