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Murfreesboro Digital Signs


For that boost in visibility and increase in customer traffic, our Murfreesboro digital signs will greatly benefit your business. It creates a modern, dynamic look for your building and allows you to change displays in a convenient and cost-efficient way.

Digital Convenience Store Signage

Tennessee Sign Company proudly offers custom digital signs made with premium quality by our expert graphic design and manufacturing teams. You can choose between different styles, types, and sizes of these signs and have us tailor them to your specific brand image and budget.

Whether you want them as freestanding signage or to have them mounted on your wall or ceiling, our professional installation team can complete the process with ease. Your digital signs are guaranteed to gain attention and to last long whether they’re installed indoors or outdoors.

And the best news? They come with LED screens and lighting that have cheaper purchase costs and less energy consumption!

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Dynamic, Attractive Digital Signs

If you want to improve the appeal of your establishment, digital signs are great alternatives for traditional signage.

custom digital electronic signYou will have a much wider room for customization as digital design options are practically limitless. The fonts and images you use are guaranteed to be of high-resolution as well.

More importantly, you are not bound to use texts and images alone. You can create a bigger marketing impact by streaming videos on your digital screen too! This way, you can get more creative in meticulously promoting a product or your entire brand without boring your audience with details.

Tennessee Sign Company produces custom Murfreesboro digital signs in various styles, sizes, and display options. We can help you choose which is best based on your building layout, budget, and preferred look. And since their displays can easily be programmed to change, digital signs will save you money from constantly changing your signage in the long run.

Outdoor Digital Displays

lighted digital message center pole signWhen it comes to attractiveness and visibility, digital signs are one of the best outdoor signs you can use. You can utilize small to extra-large screens to display promotional ads, videos, or any business details you wish to get across (e.g., business hours, available offerings, current prices, etc.).

With their light and high-resolution display, outdoor digital signs can help you in outshining your competitors and attracting more traffic each day. Additionally, Tennessee Sign Company uses LED screens and lighting for our digital signs, so you can use them for 24/7 advertising without dreading your next utility bill.

Aside from businesses, other establishments can use outdoor digital signs. Displaying real-time information for the public (e.g., weather forecasts, building maps, and transportation schedules) is one of their common uses aside from advertising.

Indoor Digital Displays

If you want a modern look that can attract people of all ages—especially the younger generation—investing in indoor digital displays will be a wise marketing move. They can make your establishment look more engaging and reinforce your advertising efforts.

custom digital menu boardIndoor digital signs are ideal for promotional uses, like menu boards, digital posters, and point-of-purchase displays.

You can also utilize them for informational purposes and use them to display wayfinding information, directories, safety warning, motivational messages, and various informational graphics relevant to your business or organization.

Talk to our signage experts today and discuss how our Murfreesboro digital signs can improve your interior and overall business performance!

Full-Service Sign Company

Whenever you need high-quality signage for your business, Tennessee Sign Company has the most comprehensive and worthwhile service that you could find. We offer a wide array of signage choices that are guaranteed to be designed, manufactured, and installed by experts alone.

custom lighted digital message board pole signFor starters, our digital signs are durable with industrial-grade materials, from their screens to their frames and lighting. Our professional installers are skilled in securing a long-lasting structure and ensuring that the power source is properly connected for a problem-free illumination of your signage.

Aside from our digital signs, we also offer:

  1. Channel letters
  2. Dimensional letters
  3. Monument signs
  4. Pylon signs
  5. Electronic message centers
  6. Lighted signs

Regardless of the custom business sign you need, our Murfreesboro, TN sign company can provide them for you in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Whether you need signs for indoor or outdoor purposes, we can deliver quality products that will last long and effectively help your marketing goals!

Free Digital Sign Consultation

Murfreesboro Digital Signs logo 300x118As business industries continue to become saturated, distinguish yourself from your surrounding competitors. Make your establishment as attractive as possible with our digital signs and gain the increase in customer engagement that you need!

Discuss your goals, preferred style, and allotted budget with our signage experts and let us improve your marketing results. Our digital signs are guaranteed to leave a better impression on your target market and create a more memorable brand image.

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