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Pylon Signs
Design, Production and Installation


Murfreesboro Pylon Signs


Maintain and improve your sales with our high-quality Murfreesboro pylon signs. We will make that happen by increasing your company’s visibility through a cleverly designed and installed advertising tool that will be delivered to you in no time!

custom tenant pylon sign

Tennessee Sign Company assures that our pylon signs help highlight your brand image and surge up your customer list.

With eye-catching heights, stylish designs, and superior durability, they will demonstrate efficacy in highway advertising.

We will make them more valuable by creating unique designs that will allow them to put extraordinary, professional, and unforgettable appeal to the viewers.

A pylon sign is a business investment with a proven positive return, even if you own a self-sustaining business developing your name through a remarkable icon or you run a multi-tenant building growing visibility for your occupants.

Do you want to attract locals and passersby into buying your products and services?

We are fully equipped to provide a solution for that!

Call Tennessee Sign Company at (615) 205-6968 for your Free Consultation with a Murfreesboro Pylon Sign expert!

Illuminated Sign Boxes

Considering the height alone, pylon signs can already catch people’s attention. However, imagine how much more customers you can magnetize with it when combined with lighting!

pylon illuminated sign boxesPylon signs are mounted along the road, making them effective in promoting your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So illuminating them will greatly enhance that potential. More and more people will become familiar with and remember your location and brand.

If you have a nighttime business such as gas stations, convenience stores, bars, clubs, hotels, and restaurants, then this is perfect for you!

Prospective customers and even old ones will never miss your building since illuminated pylon signs can also serve as landmarks. Our sign specialists can also put up LED lighting, a cost-effective option with lower energy consumption. This will surely lessen your need for maintenance and repair.

Affordable Tenant Signs

custom tenant signOur Murfreesboro pylon signs are extremely in-demand for multi-tenant buildings or multi-building establishments. These tenant signs are generally a staple for shopping malls, business parks, commercial stalls, and office buildings.

We can give suggestions on several ways to tailor your pylon sign to create a beautiful product, based primarily on your budget.

You can illuminate each panel, include easily replaceable faces, use digital displays, and utilize channel letters to create uniform fonts.

You may also prefer to customize all panels depending on your tenants’ branding features like products, services, colors, fonts, and logos.

Weather-Proof Outdoor Signage

custom pylon signTennessee Sign Company never fails to satisfy our previous clients with our long-lasting and cost-effective materials. So our pylon signs are ready to boost your company day and night. They are also well-adapted to all weather conditions for a longer duration.

We will use the finest metal supports and painting methods for a more durable and functional with low maintenance requirements structural steel frames and aluminum coverings.

Your sign faces, which can be produced from acrylic, polycarbonate, vinyl, channel letters, and other quality materials, could have a waterproof layer to prevent fading for an extended period.

Regardless of being subjected to excessive rains or blistering heat, your pylon sign will be able to retain its beauty and impact resistance for a long time!

Full-Service Sign Company

As a full-service sign company, Tennessee Sign Company is committed to accomplishing every segment of the production of our first-class Murfreesboro pylon signs.

Outdoor Tenant Pylon SignTo fully know your perspective on the project, your financial plan, and the expected outcome, our working process starts with a free consultation.

Our signage designers can create a one-of-a-kind pylon sign based on your ideas and branding elements. Our fabrication team will then turn this design into a reality, using the best materials to ensure that all of the qualifications you’ve approved are exactly met.

With our experienced and fully equipped signage installation experts, our Murfreesboro, TN sign company can guarantee a safe and well-organized installation process. We will install your pylon sign in accordance with local bylaws and maintain a foundation that is capable of withstanding any street dangers, such as inclement weather and minor accidents.

Our team also consists of electric system specialists who can make your sign shine with guaranteed efficiency. We can also handle repairs or modifications for you. All you need to do is contact us as early as now!

Free Pylon Sign Consultation

Murfreesboro Pylon Signs logo 300x118Our pylon signs will give improved visibility and considerably increased foot traffic the moment our experts install at the perfect location. So whether you are not in the center of the city, you’re away from the highway, or operating during the night, your potential customers will still be able to find you.

We can help pave the way for you to reach the top of your marketing goals!

Call Tennessee Sign Company at (615) 205-6968 for your Free Consultation with a Murfreesboro Pylon Sign expert!